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Betty's memorial party is less than 2 weeks away now.  This morning I woke up from a nightmare that was clearly linked to the stress of preparation.  It started with the doorbell ringing.  It was one of Betty's co-workers coming to the memorial, but I was completely taken by surprise that she was there.  I had no food prepared.  The house was not set up for it.  At least I was dressed in regular clothes and not in the a quickly thrown on cover up.  I tell her to make herself at home and I'd be right back. 

Here's where time takes a left. All the rest of this seems to happen in the space of 30 minutes or so.

I go into the kitchen and I'm throwing stuff around at break-neck speed - cleaning and cooking all at the same time.  Except I don't have everything I need.  I jump in the car and zoom to the store.  I remember to buy the onion dip.  I wanted to buy lasagnas, but I was having trouble finding the frozen food section.  The store was all re-arraigned.  I find every other type of frozen entree, but the lasagnas.  The whole time I'm wondering why none of my friends, who were scheduled to help, have shown up.  I go back home and continue to cook.  When I start to put out the onion dip, I realize I forgot the chips.  Another jump in the car and a trip to the store.  This time I decide I'll make a big salad too, so I run to the produce section, but there are no mushrooms and I decide I can not have a salad without mushrooms, so I nix the salad.  I head back to the frozen food section and am  desperately look for something else I can throw in the oven.  I load the cart up with packages of appetizers.

By the time I get back, a few more people have shown up - again mostly Betty's co-workers. I continue to cook and host the growing number of guests.  Still none of my helpers have shown up.  Why I didn't try to call any of them, I'll never know, but then dreams are not real life - thank goodness.  Next I find myself at my desk and I look at the calendar and discover it's not the correct day for the party.  All these people showed up 2 weeks early.  That's when I wake up.


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