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I did a good/bad thing today.  On my drive home from work I go by the Oakland SPCA surgery center.  I saw a red car drop off a dog and then drive away.  The dog tried to run after the car - that broke my heart.  Then it was clear the pup had no idea what next to do, because she just stood in the middle of the road.  I pulled over and called to her - she came over immediately with tail wagging.  I just had to put her in the van - that's the good thing I did AND the bad thing, because it's so easy to fall in love, but we cannot keep her. 

She is a dark brindle pit bull.  I think she's about 6 or 7 months old.  Very people and dog (at least with Pip, who took to her right away) friendly.  She is not house broken.  I showed her the laundry room and opened the people size door to the back yard, but she pooped in the hallway.  She doesn't seem to know any commands and likes to jump up on you.  She managed to jump up high enough to touch Guy Thomas lip - and that's quite a distance for her current size.  I believe she will be pretty big.  She's food focused; don't know about toys because right now she and Pip is each other's toy.
Do you or do you know anyone that would be interested in this cute as a button puppy?  We live in San Leandro/Oakand area. 

I will have to take her to the SPCA this weekend.  We really cannot keep her.

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