Jan. 7th, 2011 12:51 am
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I've notice dbubley has been more out of breath the last 4 or 5 days. The rehab center works like this: you call a main number and leave a message with a nurse, who then relays it to the doctor in charge of her care. I did this on Tuesday. Wednesday dbubley was out of the facility from approx 12:30 to 4 pm for an appointment with her surgeon. Thursday morning a physician’s assistant, who works with the doctor, stops in to see Betty and asks her a few questions. The PA told dbubley it’s probably caused by her weight and lying down in bed for a few weeks. 


Dbubley tells me this and I start to see red. She was in bed for 4 months after her kidney surgery and she was never out of breath like this. I left the paperwork with the number to call in the van. I was just getting ready to go get it when my cell phone rang, it was the PA. I didn’t even let her start in on dbubley's fat causing the problem, I told her this has not been an issue in the past and we need to figure out what has changed. They have her on warfarin to protect against blood clots while she is so immobile. I’ve been watching the blood work (I do love the fact that Kaiser gives you access to your test results on-line) and her PT INR (International Normalized Ratio – Prothrombin Time) number is more than twice the highest normal range. I asked the PA what the therapeutic number they were aiming for and could this med be the cause of her breathing issue. She assured me it wasn’t and in her 25 years had never seen this problem and her number was right where they wanted it to be. I then told her one of the side effects listed for this med (and quite high on the list) was breathing problems. And my Google search lead to several sites with reports from patients and doctors of this effect. She said she’d have to look into this. I also asked how dbubley's last chest x-ray looked and she admitted there seemed to be some fluid build-up. She ordered another x-ray and would give her a dose of lasix to reduce it. 


She then tried to push some of the blame on dbubley when she said “Well, she didn’t tell me everything.” With the type of meds she is on, unless she is in a 5 or 6 level of pain, when you ask her how she’s doing she’ll say “okay”. The only reason dbubley even mentioned the shortness of breath is because I kept saying something to her every time we talked on the phone. Well tonight I got a call from the facility letting me know they were starting dbubley on an antibiotic because the chest x-ray showed she has a “touch of pneumonia”. 


Don’t tell me this isn’t a case of medical fat bias! How bad would she have had to get before someone noticed and looked more closely at her. 

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Finally some good news.  dbubley had surgery last Thursday to fix her broken leg and ankle.  While they were in there the surgeon saw something suspicious and took a bone marrow sample because he thought it was cancer.  I got email from her oncologist this morning and the leg is clear of cancer.  Now she needs to heal and come home.  The rest will be what it will be.


Dec. 7th, 2010 11:49 pm
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dbubley has been complaining of pain in her thigh and ankle.  They x-rayed the ankle this afternoon and I was there when the doctor came in and said she had a fracture.  Then they did more x-rays tonight and she just called me with the news that she has 3 breaks and one is in her femur.  Most likely will have surgery tomorrow.  I'm a bundle of energy wanting to do something, but there's nothing I can do.  Frustrated, worried and scared. 
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dbubley is coming home from the hospital.  I'm off to pick her up in a few minutes. 
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Don't know how and when I picked up a Trojan virus, but it has made my computer completely dead except in safe mode.  I'm trying to get my data off it and then I'm thinking I'll drill a hole through the hard drive and buy a new one.  Or not.  My computer is about 7 years old, I think.  I'm ready for a new one.  [ profile] dbubley 's computer is also dead.  It's been sitting there for 4 months.  I think I turned it on once.  Maybe it died of loneliness.  Perhaps we'll be shopping for two computers. 

After four long months, [ profile] dbubley  is coming home today.  The hospital bed arrived and it's all set up.  There might be some problems, but we'll deal with them as they come up.  I took the week off, I think this will help us both.  We have to figure out food stuff because she has to eat a low potassium diet to protect her remaining kidney. 

Now I should get some sleep.  I have to get up in about 5 hours. 

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Just as I was going to jump in the shower and go to the hospital, she called and said they were sending her back to KPPACC.  Her numbers are normal.  Now I'm off to work with absolutely No spring in my step.  And I have a file review with someone who is sueing the city this morning.  Must*Keep*Mouth*Shut because the brain certainly ain't up to speed today.


Apr. 28th, 2009 03:06 am
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I was trying to get to sleep.  I heard a phone ring and I thought it was on tv, but it wasn't.  Nothing like a call at 3 am to get the adrenaline going.  The man said he was from Kaiser and wanted to talk to [info]dbubley.  In my half asleep state,  my first thought was some kind of stupid Kaiser customer survey.  I told him she was still at KPPACC and why are you called at 3 am!  He said he was from the Kaiser Lab and was checking on her because she had a high potassium count (6.1.)  Okay at this point my mind cleared, as I whipped off my cpap mask and jumped out of bed.  I don't know why his information didn't include her current location, but I'm glad he got through to me.  I assume he called [info]dbubley's number first and I'll probably find a message on her machine tomorrow.  It's good to know they have my name and number correctly in their system.  He's going to call KPPACC.  I thought about calling her, but I don't want to wake her up.  I'm sure the staff will do that soon enough.  I just sent her a text message, so if she is awake, I should get a call back. 

I know I need to get some sleep - I have to get up in 3 hours for work.  Puppy class is tonight too.  It's going to be a rough day.

I'm so tired of all this scary medical shit.  And then there's the swine flu. 
*pulling the covers over my head and setting the alarm for a year from now*

 Edit/Update:  She just called and they are taking her to the hospital.  She says she feels fine, but obviously the rehab center doesn't feel they can deal with the high potassium level and possible complications.  I'll try to get a few hours sleep and then see what I need to do.  Work or hospital or some portion of each. 


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She called me a little while ago and said she stood up under her own power for the first time this morning.  Right now it looks like she might come home the first week in May.  They will probably give her a hospital bed with a trapeze bar, which means we'd take out the futon in the front room and put the bed there.  I hope I can get the dimensions before they deliver it, because I'm not sure how it will fit.  We may have to move other stuff too. 


Apr. 19th, 2009 10:52 pm
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I haven't posted a [ profile] dbubley update for a while.  She is still in the rehab center.  Her surgery incision is taken its own sweet time healing, but healing it is.  To protect her one kidney, she is on a low potassium diet.  I try to bring her some meals, because the food choices there are pretty limited.  She never liked turkey or white meat chicken, but now she pretty much hates it. 

On the mobility front, she is not getting up by herself, but once they help her up, she is taking 5 or 6 steps with the walker.  [ profile] dbubley said it's like she has forgotten how to get to the standing position.  Both she and PT's think she is strong enough to do it, but she can not get herself out of the chair.  She thinks it might be a mental block and we're looking for someone to go to her and try some hypnotherapy to help her get over this.  The only hypnotherapist we know doesn't travel.  If any local folks know someone who might be willing to travel to San Leandro and work with [ profile] dbubley , please let me know. 

We really hope she is home before this, but by the 3rd week in May, she will be out of her 100 days and have to come home, ready or not. 

to be continued . . .
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They took dbubley to the nearest Kaiser last night, because they couldn't get her blood sugar above 50.  Unfortunately it was Hayward and you'd think they never had a fat patient before.  She called me in extreme pain this morning.  They did not have a bariatric bed for her - ER doctor did not order one, nor did they have an order for pain meds.  And the respiratory therapist was a complete bust when it came to fitting her with a mask and setting the pressure.  They only had full face masks and after she asked what pressure dbubley used on her home cpap, the RT said that's too high " it will blow you away on our machine."  Well it didn't, plus it was only after she left that dbubley found the hose was leaking. 

I called and finally got through to her nurse, Michael.  It took him a call to two doctors before he got an order for morphine.  I called him just as he was getting the drug together to bring to her.  Nothing can happen until the doctors make their rounds this morning and re-evaluate her.  If they are not sending her back to KPPACC (where I hope they still have her bed and room in place) then they need to order a bariatric bed asap or send her to Oakland Kaiser where they already have them in the hospital.  Hayward has to have one delivered from an outside company. 

I'm feeling helpless and useless right now.  I don't know how much more she can take of this shit.  I'm going to get stonebender up in a little bit and get him settled and get myself to Hayward.  I've had about 3 hours of sleep and I'm feeling pretty fragile myself right now.   
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I meant to send valentine  to several folks through the LJ thingy, but the last few days have been . . . well . . . instead of using some tired old word like "busy" or "overwhelming" or "chaotic" - all perfectly good words and true, never-the-less do not convene the flavor of the last 48 hours.  It's Time Line Time.

9 am - meet with electrician who is doing work on dbubley's house.  stonebender wakes up with all the signs of getting my crappy cold.

10:30 am - go to KPPACC to see dbubley and I find her still sick - not able to keep food in her body for long.  She has now lost 70 lbs in 6 weeks.

12:00 pm - pick up stonebender and go to Stacy's memorial (I'll have to write more about that later)

4:00 pm - leave church and head to Sal's for dinner - stonebender had a craving for their grilled salami/cheese sandwich.

6:00 pm - on drive home I get a call from dbubley.  KPPACC has transported her to the Kaiser Oakland ER, they couldn't figure out why she was still so sick almost 4 weeks post-surgery.  Thought she might have a bowel obstruction.

7:00 pm - drop stonebender off at home, feed Pippin and head to the hospital. 

While I'm at the hospital, stonebender starts to feel worse and calls serenejournal, who gets a ride from sogwife and comes over ASAP.

12 am: after many hours trying to make dbubley as comfortable as possible on the small gurney - not really possible - and after seeing several doctors and having x-rays taken, they still don't know what's wrong, but they don't think it's a bowel obstruction.  She will be admitted as soon as they have a bed ready.  Finally they do and I stay until she is safely transferred onto the hospital bed. 

1 am: go home, pick up serenejournal and take her home.

3 am: stonebender does not feel like he can lay down because he is so congested.  I finally go to bed around 3:30 am.

6 am: wake up, shower, and get ready to take Pippin to the vet - she's having her surgery.  Puppy making and lethal tail will be removed.  stonebender went with me, he was still feeling pretty bad.

8 am: after we drop of Pippin, stonebender decides he needs to go to the ER.

11 am: after several hours in the ER at Alta Bates, a breathing treatment and some other meds, we leave.  Original plan was to go see dbubley after I dropped off Pippin, so I could maybe catch a doctor around 9 am.  I tried to call her, but  there was no answer in her room.  I'm starving and we need to pick up a prescription for stonebender.  I pick up something next to Walgreen's and then we head to Kaiser.

12 pm: finally get to the hospital and dbubley is okay, but they're still looking for a cause.  She is on "nothing by mouth" until further news.  We hang out for a few hours.

2 pm: stonebender and I go to KPPACC to pick up dbubley's stuff.  I have to pick up Pippin about 5 pm, but stonebender is worried I'm too tired to drive up to Albany.  I call clever_doberman to ask if she'll drive me.  She has a car with a dog crate for her dobie, Misha - we have everything we need.  She meets us at the house.

4 pm: stonebender is feeling better, so we leave him and go to pick up Pippin.  It's raining and traffic is the wonderful rush hour basic, so it takes a while.  Poor Pippin is a little out of it, but mobile.  We finally get her into the crate and head home, with her whining most of the time.

7 pm: I pull out an assortment of stuff from the fridge and we all have a small dinner.  clever_doberman offers to hang out with stonebender and watch Pippin, who is very needy and wants to be in contact with someone at all times, while I take a nap.  My nap extends to almost midnight. 

12 am: After clever_doberman goes home, I give stonebender a breathing treatment and we eventually got to bed around 3 am.  At this point, stonebender has been up for about 50 hours.  He goes out almost immediately.  I follow shortly after.

I woke up about 8 am and stonebender woke up around 10 am.  After a short visit from Dana with her "weekend" dog (a very sweet Golden Lab named Fortune), stonebender had his first real meal since Sal's on Thursday.  Since then I've done a load of laundry and noodled on-line.  That brings us to this current moment.  It has been a jam packed 48 hours. 

Soon I'll take a shower and go see dbubley in the hospital.  She can now have clear liquids - whoo hoo!

Hope you all are having a nice Hallmark Day!
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They took dbubley from KPPACC to the ER.  She might have a bowel obstruction.  I'm on my way in 2 minutes.  Please, please, please, let this all stop. 
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Yesterday it was one month since she went to the hospital with what we thought was a UTI.  And yesterday she finally left the hospital for the rehab center.  They removed her pik line, so she is now IV free.  The very hard work of getting her strength back now starts.  The day before they had her sit on the edge of the bed for the first time since the surgery and she was drenched in sweat from the pain and exhaustion.

Yesterday was hospital day,  [info]serenejournal had her surgery. [info]dbubley left room 823 at 2:30 pm for the rehab center and serenejournal came down from the recovery room at 3:30 pm and was put in room 829.  They missed being neighbors by an hour.  And because this is not enough medical crap in one day - I had a doctor's appointment at 11 am.  It was made before all this stuff started and was only suppose to be a basic check in to go over all my numbers, which were fine.  But (and there's always a but) I've had a shiny red swollen area on my shin for a few weeks, which I'd been ignoring for obvious reasons.  It hadn't gotten worst or better.  The doctor thinks it's cellulitis that my body's immune system has been able to keep in check, but it could "bloom" at any time and make me very sick.  I've been through this with [info]stonebender , [info]dbubley , and clever_doberman, so I know what I'm dealing with.  I have 10 days of Keflex and because I'm having alot of edema from my knees down, I have lasix.  And I have a damn cold - wheezing, coughing, stuff nose and ears - your basic miserable making cold.  I left a message for my boss at 3 am that I would not be in.  

And did I mention the toothache I have . . . I just had a crown put on a few weeks ago and almost immediately after two more teeth started to hurt.  I'm fairly sure I'll need crowns on those too.  But that will have to wait - I still have to pay for the one I just got.  I've stocked up on Orajel maximum strength.  

Mantra for the day (or maybe for my whole life) "This too shall pass don'tcha know." 

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dbubley was in an ER room for many, many hours and had several roommates.  Mostly this is not a fun place, but it had its moments. 

Hyper Man: My dialysis appointment is tomorrow.  Will I be out of here by then?
Nurse: Let's not worry about tomorrow, we need to get your heart rate down now.
Hyper Man: But I need my dialysis, I go every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.
Nurse: Sir, you are in a hospital, if you need dialysis you will receive it here.
Hyper Man: I need a phone, I have to call and cancel my ride, if I'm not going.  Can I get a phone?
Nurse gives him a phone.  He makes several calls, all the time ranting about being in the ER, how his friend thought he was faking when he passed out. and just a general feeling of being put out by EVERYTHING the medical staff asked him to do. 
Nurse finally takes the phone away and within minutes he's asking for it again.
Hyper Man: I still have a few calls to make.  Give me the phone.
Nurse: No, you are working yourself up with these calls.  No phone until your heart rates comes down.
The man let out the most whining sigh I've ever heard. 

Later there was a 62 yr old African American man having a stroke.  He'd had one about 10 years earlier.

Doctor: Sir, you need to be completely honest with me.  When was the last time you used cocaine?
Man: I was out of my blood thinning stuff.
Doctor: You mean your have not been taking your coumadin, the blood thinner?  For how long?
Man: couple days or a week
Doctor again asked him when he last used cocaine.
Man: when I was out of my thinning stuff, thought it would help.
Doctor: Sir, you can not take cocaine instead of your coumadin.
Man: okay

In between these questions they are asking him to smile and raise he arms and various other neurological tests,

Doctor: Sir, do you know what day it is?
Man: Jan. 6th
Doctor: Good, do you know what year it is?
Man: 2006
Doctor: Do you know who the president is?

Several of the medical team chuckled, as I did on the other side of the curtain.
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She is doing much better.  So far they have not found a fistula.  It seems to be a very bad UTI and they are flushing her bladder and giving IV antibiotics.  I'm going to try to talk to the doctor tomorrow, I missed his call today.  She sounds like herself now.  I guess the entire time in the ER they were giving her a fair amount of morphene because she kept falling asleep even when sitting up.  Several doctors asked me if she usually dozed off like this and I said sometimes in front of her computer, but not when she's in the middle of a conversation. 

Stay tuned . . .
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Well, she didn't come home.  In fact she was in the ER from approx. 1:30 AM to 6 PM today.  Most of that time was waiting for a bed in the semi-critical care unit (I forget the actual name.)  On two hours sleep, I called in sick and went to the hospital, where I sat with her from 10 am until 5 pm.  They did not find a cellulitis area and her white blood cell, while elevated is not real high.  The problem is the blood in her urine.  There is alot.  One of her other symptoms has been passing gas from her bladder.  We had an appointment in a few weeks with her regular doctor to talk about this.  One possibility is fistula in the bladder wall that has opened and is leaking urine into her blood and some blood in her bladder.  Her blood has been high in acid and this would explain it.  Her blood pressure was fairly high and there is fluid in her lungs.  At this point, they want to stabilize all her vitals and blood work as much as possible.  To check on the fistula they need a CT scan (I think that's the one - I'm a little fuzzy right now) and there is not a machine big enough for her at this hospital.  They would need to send her to Richmond Kaiser, which isn't too far away.  Unfortunately, if there is an opening they will need to operate to close it.  This all scares the shit out of me and if I wasn't so sleep deprived right now I'd be doing a whole lot more wringing of hands.  As it is, all I can do is feed the dog, stonebender and myself and then go to bed. 
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Finally, after 11 hours of no poop, Pippin pooped outside at midnight last night. This morning she would only pee outside; 5 minutes after we came inside she pooped and peed on the kitchen floor. She is doing pretty well on the sit command and come here; the down and don't touch - not so good. She wants to eat EVERYTHING. At 3:30 am she woke me up with the sound of heaving. She never actually threw up, but obviously something wanted to come out.

dbubley is still in the hospital. They are trying to find the right combo of antibiotics to kill all those little buggers off. They put in a pic line a few days ago with the hope she would go to the rehab center (KPAAC)on Monday, but her white blood cell count is still too high. With Pippin I haven't been able to be there as much as I usually would be. This makes me sad and feeling a little guilty.

Guy's attendant, S is still in the hospital too. S recommended her niece, D to take over her job until she gets better. D started yesterday. She's doing okay, but we miss S.

I'm off to return a gate we bought yesterday, it's taller, but too difficult to remove quickly, which I need to do so [ profile] stonebendercan move from one room to another. The one we first bought, it only took Pippin a few hours to figure out how to climb over it.

And the logistics of life continue . . .

Day O'Crap

Sep. 30th, 2008 12:18 am
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Work is stressful.  The city's budget goes to council tomorrow and if they pass it, IT will lose 9 people - not positions - actual people.  There are about 100 plus positions cut city-wide, but many of them are vacant, only about 40 are filled.  And we have 9 of them.  Two reasons for this, IT had very few vacant positions and there are several safe departments, topping the list with Police and Fire.  Another is Community and Economic Development.  Also hard hit (as usual) is Parks and Rec and the Library.  They will lose the Bookmobile!  I have such fond memories of the Bookmobile growing up in the midwest.  Each week, I couldn't wait to wander the big bus full of books. 

Work stress started my day, but it gets better.  About 4 pm [ profile] stonebender  came me the "wonderful" news that his attendant, S, was in the hospital again.  This time they think it's a blockage in her liver.  She went to a different (and I think a much, much better) hospital this time, so I hope she can get the help she needs.  I think the week she spent in the hospital last month in pain might have been the same thing; they might have misdiagnosed her.  Anyway, besides worrying about her too, it means a very early morning for me and [ profile] stonebender  because I will have to get him up and ready for the day before I leave for work at 7:45 am. 

This is one of those days where I really want a do-over.  Of course, a do-over won't help if I don't have the super power to change things, so never mind.  I'd better get to bed, 5:30 am is only 5 hours away.  Crap, Crap, Crap.

P.S. Once the crap stops, I actually have other stuff to write about - really I do.
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[profile] dbubley is much better.  She went in on Saturday night and on Monday afternoon they transferred her to the rehab facility (KPPACC for the local folks.)  They expect her to be in until next Wednesday.  They put a pic line in, so she doesn't have to deal with regular IV lines.  Last time she was in the hospital, several of her IV sites closed down, so they had to keep sticking her for new ones.  It was painful, but once they put in the pic line she was much more comfortable.  And since they can draw blood out of it, as well as deliver the antibiotic, it just made everything so much easy.  Her white cell count is almost normal, but because of her previous history, they really want to make sure it's gone before they stop the drug.

She's feeling fine and she is happy to be at KPPACC.  She said they have much better food and she likes the staff.  In fact, when she was checking in, one of aides who took care of her last year came over to say "hi".  Her name is Anna, but because of some in-joke between them, [info]dbubley calls her "Anna Banana".

[info]dbubley asked for a note book and some pens, she's using this time to start writing again.  Maybe this is the proverbial silver lining?

Gilly is also doing very well.  The only weirdness is how crooked her mouth is.  We put a muzzle on her as often as we can, but even with that, it goes right out of alignment when we take it off.  I don't want it on her when no on can take if off, in case she gets sick and, of course, she has to take it off to eat and drink.  That mostly leaves evening and nights.  Sometimes in the middle of the night, when she's sleeping between us, I'll pet her and feel her jaw is out (even with the muzzle on she can work her jaw off kilt after a while), so I pull it off.  It doesn't help to have it on and reinforce the wrong position.  We still have her on soft food, but I've been adding in a little of her dry food and she seems to handle it okay.  I hope we can get her back on dry food eventually - I think  it's better for her, it's cheaper and it doesn't STINK!  Her next post-op appointment is next Tuesday.

I'm crazy busy at work.  I had an all day training today (Tues.) and tomorrow I only work a 1/2 day and then my boss and I will go to Costco to shop for our department's annual full staff meeting.  It will be all day on Thursday and we're in charge of, well, we're in charge of most everything.  Continental breakfast, snacks, lunch and general organizing of the agenda.  This will be my first staff meeting in my new job.  I suggested a local Italian deli for the catering (Genova's) and did the ordering, so I'm feeling a little pressure.  I hope I ordered enough (75 people) and that they like it.  I'm prepping all the sandwich fixings the night before.  I've shifted into my hostess mode complete with my organizational spreadsheet.  Better get to bed, I've a long couple of days ahead of me.


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