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I saved two lives today.  When I took some garbage out this morning, I saw two little small dogs playing on the sidewalk on the other side of our very busy street.  I walked towards them hoping to see an owner, but no one was in sight and they didn't have a collar on either.  As I got closer I realized they were very young puppies of a small breed.  I would guess a chihuahua mix and about 8 - 10 weeks old.  As I walked towards them slowly, they backed up and barked.  I kept going forward because it was driving them away from the street and into a yard.  I talked to them the entire time.  They were curious, but wary of me.  I remembered I had some training treats for Pippin in my pocket.  I tossed a few to them.  After about 20 minutes of talking, advancing and giving treats, they let me pick them up.  Now that I had them safe, I thought "What the hell am I going to do with 2 puppies if I can't find the owner?"  As I was walking back, a young man (probably 14 or 15 years old) came out of the house and said "What are you doing with my puppies?"  I explained they were on the sidewalk a couple of houses down.  They'd left those little puppies in the back yard with a chain fence that had plenty of room for them to wiggle under.  The only reason he came out of the house was because he heard me saying "Pooppies, Pooppies, Pooppies" in a high voice.  He said it sounded like a French person was in their yard. 

While I am very, very happy the puppies didn't get hit by a car today, I have a feeling this might not be the last time these guys are in danger.  I suspect this family doesn't have a lot of dog or at least puppy experience.  I hope this was just an abnormality, but I think I'll keep some dog treats handy and my eyes open for further escapes.
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love and sweetness and inquisitiveness and silly and entertaining.  Then there's the other side, confusion, crying, barking, stubbornness and poop, poop, pee, pee and then more poop and pee.  And not in the proper place.  Pippin is smart, but for her entire life she has only gone to the bathroom inside, outside is just not the proper place for her "gifts."   After three days, everyone is a little frustrated.  This morning, as I usually do, I took her out of the crate and straight to the great outdoors.  After 45 minutes and nothing, I tied her up for a few minutes, ran inside and got her pills, a toy, food and water - oh yeah, and something to read for me.  She ate, she drank, she played, she took her pills, she laid down, she tried to eat every little leaf she could get her mouth on, she watched the birds, she listened to other neighborhood dogs barking and finally, finally, finally, she PEED!!!!!!  A first success.  I put her back in the crate while I mopped the kitchen floor.  Once it is dry, I will take her outside again and we will wait and wait and wait and I hope there will be poop!! 

Bathroom Update: It is now 2:30 pm and she still has not pooped and she only peed once.  This 10 week old puppy has the bladder and bowel control of an adult dog. 


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