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I work in a "Department of Information Technology", so for Halloween I went as "D.I.T.zy", the clown administrative assistant, yielding giant green plastic scissors ready to cut red tape, hair or shred secret documents. The other woman is my boss dressed as a vampire. We had a very fun Halloween party. I won a $15 gift certificate to a coffee shop for best costume.

Now we're working on a Thanksgiving potluck on Nov. 16 and then the Xmas party at a nice local restaurant in Dec. Party, party, party! And I still have a basket of Halloween candy on my desk.
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The people who created the pirate ship in their front yard are realtors.  On their sales page they have a link to a visual tour of the ship and how they created it.  Very fun.  http://www.visualtour.com/inventory.asp?u=6190

I've been up way too late finishing up my costume.  This is my first Halloween at this job and they make a big deal out of it.  We decorated the hallways last week and passed out pumpkins to each section.  Today those we are in costume and want to can go on the "reverse Trick or Treat" where we walk throughout the building and give out candy.   They are buying pizza for everyone for lunch and there will be prizes for the best costume and the best decorated pumpkin.  I did our sections.  I used the pumpkin on its side so the stem is the nose.  We had some "Mr. Potato Head" kind of ears, mouth, shoes and hands.  I carved out a hole for the eyes and stuck ping pong eyeballs in them.  A long black pony tail wig with a Dept. of Info Tech. cap completed the look.  I hope to find a small piece of cat5 cable to put in his hand.  And I also have a thought balloon with a cartoon of a "Franken-computer" attacking a person to stick in place.  

If I get a decent picture of my costumed self, I'll post it.  Now, off bed because I have to get up 1/2 hour early to get dressed.

Boo ya'll
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 Yesterday I saw a croc on a leash in Oakland, today I saw a pirate ship filling the front yard of a house in San Leandro.  It was about 30 feet long and it looked pretty substantial.  Tattered sails flapped above ghoulish pirates and blinking scary eyes flashed in the galley windows.   I had to turn around and go back because [personal profile] stonebender  didn't really see it and, unlike the croc sighting, I had a witness to this one.  As we continued our trek home we saw another pirate ship in a front yard.  This one was much smaller, maybe 15 feet, but just as detailed.  I'm going to try and go back and get a few pictures of the big one - it's very cool looking.


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