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These are the most visual marks from my mugging experience.  I took these the next day.  The flash makes the bruise look much lighter than it actually was.  Now, four days later it's less swollen and the colors are fading from dark purple to lighter variations of purples, greens, and yellows.   

I didn't carry a purse the last two days at work.  I know I have to change this because 1. I want to carry a purse and 2. I need to carry my test kit and insulin.  I know at least once and probably twice, I needed it at work.  Instead, I suffered with high numbers.  I am angry at myself for letting him do this to me.  I didn't even want to carry a plastic bag - nothing that someone could grab.  I started this entry thinking I'd show the photos and say I'm fine, everything's fine, everything is back to normal, then I started this paragraph and realized that it's not.  At least twice I've highlighted this with the intent to delete.  Even now I think - maybe I'll set this post to "private".  It will not make it any less true, if I say this only to myself.  Though only a handful of people will read this, I still worry about putting this out in the world.  This idea that I'm feeling that goddamn vulnerable from a really minor event.  Further below the surface, I wonder if I'm this disturbed by this event, how would I handle a really violent attack.  To what level would I change my life to feel safe.  After all, there is no permanent physical damage, in fact, because this sent me back to Dr. J for some adjustments, I'm feeling better than before the mugging - how's that for a silver lining.  


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I was mugged this morning on my way to work.  I was about 1/2 block away from the building I work in.  A guy came up behind me on a bicycle and grabbed my purse.  The purse handle and a plastic grocery bag handle were wrapped around my hand, so it did not come off when he pulled.  Instead he pulled me off balance and I fell.  My purse hit his spokes and he went down too.  At this point, I still had hold of my purse and he had released it.  I took a stronger grip on my purse and started to yell "help".  He's cussing at me and saying "you messed up my bike", that almost make me laugh.  He got up and rode off, as a couple of people came to help me.  One was another city employee, who was able to give the cops a better description than I could.  Everything happened so fast.   A fireman name Enrique came by right after this happened.  We'd been in a few city-wide classes together.  He called the police, I answered a few questions on the phone, but then they sent a couple of officers to my office to fill out a report.  I walked into the building, went to the bathroom to clean up and called [personal profile] stonebenderand [profile] dbubley.  By the time I came out, the officers were already looking for me. 

The most serious damage is just above my eye on the lid.  It's cut and swollen.  It was bleeding quite a bit for about 10 minutes.  I'm sore on my neck, shoulder and arm on the right side.  This was the side I was carrying the purse on.  I have a few other scraps on my hands.  I don't think I hit the ground with my face, I think I hit his bike frame.  This happened at 8:25 am.  When my boss found out around 10 am, she told me to go home, but by that time 

[personal profile] stonebender had already left the house to come and see me.  One of the co-workers got the first aid kit and put stuff on my eye.  She was very sweet.  As the word spread, more people called or stopped by to see how I was.  I finally left about 1:30 pm.  I'm going to take a hot shower, put some ice on my neck and go to sleep for a while.  I have an appointment with my body worker tomorrow at 4:45 pm.  

I know I'm lucky I didn't get hurt any worst and that I still have my purse.  I only lost a little blood, skin and dignity.  Overall, I guess I'm also lucky to have lived to 50 years old, and most of those years in a city, and I've never had anything like this happen.   Counting my blessings where I find them.



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