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May. 28th, 2008 07:59 pm
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License plate frame spotted on a Prius today: My Other Car Is A Horse.

Work was a combination of crazy busy and silly goofing off.

Pigeons continue to captivate me. Today I threw out one piece of soft hamburger bun. A small female cautiously approached it. After a few pecks, a horn-dog big male pigeon spots her. Tail feathers fanned and tucked to the ground, wings slightly elevated and his chest puffed to the max, he chased the female around and around the plaza. She always found a way to angle back towards the bread and get a peck or two in before he ran her down again. After 5 minutes of this, he noticed the bread too. He'd approach her ready for a mating, notice the bread and instantly chest deflated, wings dropped and tail contracted to a normal position. A few bites of bread, then the female would move into view trying for some bread too. Up he puffed, chased the female for a few feet, remembered the bread, deflated, ate, notice the female, chased the female . . . rinse, lather, repeat. This on-again, off-again horn-dog behavior continued until the bread was gone. Choices, choices, choices.


May. 14th, 2008 10:38 am
loracs: (Pigeon S. Lake Tahoe)
Since I may be writing more about the pigeons I watch during my lunch hour, I thought I needed a pigeon icon. This bird was in South Lake Tahoe and if you look closely, he is missing his right foot. Yesterday, I feed approx. six pigeons and two of them had a foot problem. One was missing a toe and the other had an abscess on one foot. Both limped and one was in enough pain to fly even short distances, such as five or six feet.
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Warning: There will be a shifting into Pigeon Personification Mode during this otherwise observational documentation.
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