Sep. 20th, 2016 01:49 am
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Pip took a bad fall coming up the backstairs this morning.  She would only sit by my side and moved very slowly when she did walk, so we knew something was hurting her - off to the vet we went.  After examining her and doing a lot of manipulations, they said she didn't break anything and the vet couldn't find any sensitive position.  All good news, so we came home with a pain med for her.  She is doing much better.  She is still walking more slowly, but she did jump up on the bed and walk down the stairs, neither of which she was willing to do this morning.  

While we were there, the vet noticed a swollen lymph node in her neck.  And checking her teeth (which need cleaning), they found a very loose tooth that needs to be pulled.  It is on the same side of body as the swollen node, so it is most likely in response to it.  Pip does need a good teeth cleaning and probably at least one tooth pulled - it's very loose. We had them do the blood work, so we can schedule the cleaning/extraction.  It the swelling is caused by the tooth, it might take a month or so to do down.  Since the cleaning probably won't be scheduled for a couple of weeks, that means we would have to worry about the problem being more serious, i.e. cancer.  So we agreed to having it aspirated and checked.  We should know in a couple of days what's going on.  

It was only a few months ago that Jake (the Abomination) had surgery to remove a foxtail from his nose. The poor little boy would sneeze 8 and 9 times in a row several times a day.  Now Pip is on track to costing us even more than Jake.  We love our pups, even when (or in spite of) dinging our budget.  

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I took Pippin to the fluff 'n fold this morning.  Usually there are several other people dropping off their pups for a beauty treatment.  This morning she was their only client.  I received the pick up call only an hour after I dropped her off, instead of the more common 3 or 4 hours.  I guess spending $$ on dog grooming is (and should be) low on people's shrinking budget.  I was going to wash her myself, but with the cellulitus, even though I've been home, I've just been too exhausted to do much.  Plus they cut her nails, which is something I really hate doing.  I never had a problem with our golden retrievers, but with the dobies' dark nails, I'm too scared I'll cut past the quick and hurt her. 
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We had some very rubbery calamari for dinner tonight.  I gave Pippin a piece.  She carried it around for 15 minutes.  She'd run outside with it, then run back in, drop it on the floor, look at it and then pick it up again and repeat the running outside.  Finally, she had the breading off, which I assume she ate, but still the little tentacle survived.  She'd come around the corner, stop and looked at me with about two inches of it hanging out of the side of her mouth.  She's still running around with it, tossing it in the air and chasing it.  Who knew squid could be so entertaining for our dog.
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Pippin is a crazy, happy, little dobie girl.  She's a little over 8 months old now.  Here are a couple of her "sharking" pictures with her friend Misha.  Pippin is in the purple collar.  They were together for 12 hours last Sunday.  They wore each other out, both of them slept A LOT the next day.


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Pippin  has taken a dislike (as in barking and growling) at a poster of President Obama I bought yesterday.  It's a wonderful poster with maybe a dozen different newspaper front pages the day after the election.  The largest is the Chicago Sun Times and it's mostly a head shot.  The poster was propped up on the counter when Ms Pippin saw it this morning.  When she first started growling and barking, we couldn't figure out what it was - she was staring in the general direction of the kitchen.  Then I noticed she had her eyes locked on the poster.  This just won't do, we'll have a long talk with her about the current political situation and why we believe President Obama is a good guy.  Of course, letting her sniff it and giving her treats at the same time works too.

Off to buy new cells phones for everyone.  On dbubley's last ride to the ER, they lost her charger and her cell phone is so old we couldn't find one for it.  I'm sure we could get one on-line, but our plan is up and they said we could all get new phones for only $30 plus the tax on the full amount of the phone.  Of course that means we sign up for another subscription period, but we've been happy with Verizon, so why not. 
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A trip to the vet and an x-ray revealed the possible answer for her limping.  On a small bone in one of her toes there is a very slight rough edge and a little swelling.  There is no fracture or break.  She probably caused some trama to this area with all her jumping and esp. falling, often off the bed.  She's still quite young (5 months) and the growth plates are still soft.  She is taking an anti-inflammatoryand we are suppose to keep her more calm (ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha - that's a good one.)  Hopefully this will solve the problem, but the vet wants us back in a couple of weeks for another x-ray.  There is a small chance it could also be a small cyst. 


Jan. 7th, 2009 11:43 pm
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Finally some good news - our Pippin puppy has been declared officially free & clear of ring worm.  Visually she is looking great - no new spots and the hair growing back in the old areas, so we thought she was cured, but we had to wait for the 2nd test to come back negative and it did!!  Now we can start puppy class next week.

On the slightly down side, she has been limping for a few days.  It doesn't slow her down and I get no pain responses with manipulating any of the tissues or joints on the leg.  It seems to be worst when she first gets up after laying down for several hours.  We have an appointment with the vet on Saturday unless it goes away first.  She might just have sprained something, the way she runs around it wouldn't surprise me.  The other night she was following me around and I had an arm full of clean clothes.  As I went into the bedroom to put them away I couldn't turn on the light.  She decided to jump on the bed, but in her rush she miscalculated and landed against my butt and bounced off.  I heard her fall to the floor and turned to look at her.  Just like in a cartoon, she shook her head a little and then looked up at me and I swear if there was a word balloon above her it would have said "Did you get the name of the truck that me hit me?"  She is a constant source of giggles and guffaws around here.
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Pippin and a few of her toys this morning. 
She is growing so fast, at 5 months she is 45 lbs! 
And her puppy bark is taking on a deeper and more adult tone. 
The orange dog shaped toy on the right is a squeaky toy. 
She loves to chew it, especially when we are trying to watch tv.
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Her normal little puppy bark is starting to deepen.  Just now she was in the kitchen barking like a mad dog.  I peeked around the corner and she was standing between us and the box with the new vacuum cleaner.  Even though it is still all boxed up, something must tell her it contains the mortal enemy of all dogs everywhere.  Maybe it's a genetic memory thing.  ;-)
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Soon she'll take up the entire king size bed - and she's not even 5 months old yet!
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Apparently our house does not have the proper design elements. Pippin decided we needed to bring the feel of the outdoors indoors. To that end, she ran outside only to come in seconds later with a large piece of yard bark. As she was in the process of reducing and distributing (chewing and spitting) it artfully on the office floor, I stopped her and took it away. Out she went and came back with another piece, which she went quickly to work on. Again I removed it from her jaws. After the 5th time, I decided enough interior design work for the evening and closed the door. It was time for both of us to take a rest. She is nothing if not persistent, but then luckily, for the cleanliness of our home, so am I.
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Twice a week Pippin gets a bath in a medicated shampoo for her ringworm. This is her third bath and she still isn't sure that I'm not trying to drown her.
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For the second night in a row, our puppy girl pooped outside!  Yay!!  I cannot begin to tell you how happy this is making us.  I have 5 more days before I have to go to back to work.  It would be great if she got the house breaking stuff.  I know she'll have plenty more accidents, but it's a start.  Every time I have taken her out this afternoon/evening she has peed. 
Go Pippin! Go Pippin! That's our puppy dog!  That's our puppy dog!
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Finally, after 11 hours of no poop, Pippin pooped outside at midnight last night. This morning she would only pee outside; 5 minutes after we came inside she pooped and peed on the kitchen floor. She is doing pretty well on the sit command and come here; the down and don't touch - not so good. She wants to eat EVERYTHING. At 3:30 am she woke me up with the sound of heaving. She never actually threw up, but obviously something wanted to come out.

dbubley is still in the hospital. They are trying to find the right combo of antibiotics to kill all those little buggers off. They put in a pic line a few days ago with the hope she would go to the rehab center (KPAAC)on Monday, but her white blood cell count is still too high. With Pippin I haven't been able to be there as much as I usually would be. This makes me sad and feeling a little guilty.

Guy's attendant, S is still in the hospital too. S recommended her niece, D to take over her job until she gets better. D started yesterday. She's doing okay, but we miss S.

I'm off to return a gate we bought yesterday, it's taller, but too difficult to remove quickly, which I need to do so [livejournal.com profile] stonebendercan move from one room to another. The one we first bought, it only took Pippin a few hours to figure out how to climb over it.

And the logistics of life continue . . .
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love and sweetness and inquisitiveness and silly and entertaining.  Then there's the other side, confusion, crying, barking, stubbornness and poop, poop, pee, pee and then more poop and pee.  And not in the proper place.  Pippin is smart, but for her entire life she has only gone to the bathroom inside, outside is just not the proper place for her "gifts."   After three days, everyone is a little frustrated.  This morning, as I usually do, I took her out of the crate and straight to the great outdoors.  After 45 minutes and nothing, I tied her up for a few minutes, ran inside and got her pills, a toy, food and water - oh yeah, and something to read for me.  She ate, she drank, she played, she took her pills, she laid down, she tried to eat every little leaf she could get her mouth on, she watched the birds, she listened to other neighborhood dogs barking and finally, finally, finally, she PEED!!!!!!  A first success.  I put her back in the crate while I mopped the kitchen floor.  Once it is dry, I will take her outside again and we will wait and wait and wait and I hope there will be poop!! 

Bathroom Update: It is now 2:30 pm and she still has not pooped and she only peed once.  This 10 week old puppy has the bladder and bowel control of an adult dog. 
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