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Dec. 4th, 2010 02:16 pm
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Remember I posted a few weeks ago looking for someone to change some xmas lights on the house?  Well, I couldn't find anyone until Lynn Murray told me about Task Rabbit.  It's a website business serving the Bay Area and Boston only.  You put in what the task is and how much you're willing to pay and they will assign a person to do it.  I posted my request a few days ago and within minutes I had a text message and an email from the person assigned to do it.  About 5 minutes after that he called me.  We set a date for this afternoon and presto-chango he came, he climbed up on the roof, he changed all the bulbs and he left.  You give your payment info when you post the job.  Once it's completed, you log on and let them know, then they pay the person.  So no money changes hands.  I'm going to keep his name and number, he was a very nice young man. 

Here's a promotional code for $10 off.  If you need something done and don't have the time or in my case, the ability, take a look at the site.  I was going to post about this anyway, but in fairness I do have to say, if you use the code below and book a task, I get $10 off my next request. 



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