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Feb. 6th, 2008 03:52 am
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 I was very tired on the drive back home and I think that's why it seemed so much longer.  A little stress when the "Check Engine Light Soon" came about 4 hours into the drive, but everything else was fine so we continued.  I think we just hit one of the mileage check points and it wants us to do a major service, which we did before we went on the trip.  Until I remembered this, I was worried and we considered getting a hotel room for the night and deal with the van in the morning.  Luckily, this was not needed and we made it home all safe and sound.

I have lots more thoughts on Vegas and the con, but even after a 5 hour "nap", I'm still a little too bleary to say any more now.  It is 4 am, so it's time for the remainder of my "nap"; I have to get up at 8 am.
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Our last day in Vegas, we did some shopping at the Outlet Mall and then went to the Strip.  Lots of walking, lots of photos and then we decided to check out the 1/2 Price Ticket Booth, which was a very long walk - at least for me.  We managed to get tickets to Penn & Teller.  Off to the Rio we ran, ate at their buffet and saw a wonderful show.  Even have pictures of stonebender with Penn and Teller, which he might want to post when we get home.  Of course, first I have to download the bazillion and one photos I have taken in the last few days.  

Time for bed, it will be a long day of driving tomorrow.  It will be good to be home, see dbubley, see the Gilly dog and see my own true bed!!!! 
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Land of the Unreal.  Everything on the Strip is Big, Everything is Blinky.  I just returned from dropping stonebender and wild_irises off at the Mirage to gamble for a bit.  I'm sure stonebender will have something to say about his first experience at a live poker game when he gets computer access.

The 9.5 hour drive here was not bad.  A little radio, a little ipod music, a little talking and stonebender reading to me while I drove, made it all go by pretty quickly.   I hope the ride home on Tuesday goes as well.  

I'm enjoying alt-polycon.  It's a little weird since I have never read alt-poly.  I feel like a bit of a hanger on at times.  I'm having my shy moments now and then.  There are lots of very interesting people here, some I know, some I don't, but would like to get to know.  Only tonight and tomorrow before most people go back home.  Tomorrow night we have tickets for Spamalot.  I'm looking forward to it - not the drive down the Strip on the night of the Super Bowl, but it will be worth it.  

Driving is crazy.  If I ever come back here just for a vacation, I think I'd prefer to stay at one of the big hotels on the Strip. 

This is all very disjointed because I want to go to a panel in 1 minute. 
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I have two whole weeks off.  I would say I have 2 whole weeks of sleeping in, but that is far from true.  Tomorrow I have to be up by 7:00 am (and that's sleeping in by 30 minutes), when I'll have some help packing the xmas stuff and moving it out to the shed.  At the same time I need to find our suitcases, so I can pack for Las Vegas because we are leaving bright and early on Thursday morning.  I hope we can be on the road by 7:30 am.  It's about 8 or 9 hours and I'm going to try to do it all in one day.  

We're going for Alt-PolyCon, but as a little aside we have tickets to see Spam Alot.  And we hope to see the Star Trek themed hotel.  We came so close to not going because of van problems, but now it's a go.  I'd better start the organizing part of the evening, or we'll never get out of here on Thursday.

See some of you in Vegas!


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