Sep. 24th, 2008

loracs: (If Looks Could Kill)
Headlines are full of the pending doom of the US and possibly the world economy.  McCain wants to suspend the campaigning so he and Obama can rush back to DC to forge an agreement across the isle.  This includes canceling the debate on Friday.  I'm asking, "what's the rush?"  Will the world really end as we know it if there isn't a plan in place by COB on Friday?  And we do have a sitting President (hard to type that without laughing) and Congress working on this issue.  I know many of the politicos are trying to get out of town to go campaign next week, but if this is such an emergency, they need to stay in DC and work on it.  Having two more Senators (2%) of the governing body, on site, will not make a big difference.  Having the debate on Friday, a debate that might tip the scales one way or another for determining the next Prez; this is important, this is critical.  Which way will the country go in the future - more regulations or less, more privatizing profits and socializing losses in these bailouts, more investment in oil or more investment in alternative, renewal, cleaner fuels. These are the issues I want to know about, these are the issues I want to hear the candidates talk about.  Sending up this smoke screen by the McCain camp makes me sick.

And just so you don't think that's the only thing hiding among the strum and drum of the crisis, see the link below about new reports on Cheney's role in starting the war.  I'm disgusted with this level of evilness.


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